Certified EFFT Trainer

Training guidelines and requirements (Core Training)

Part 1 

1. Submit statement of declaration to IIEFFT regarding intention to become a Trainer and receive guidance in moving forward. This step needs to be done prior to engaging in Criteria 3. 

Part 2 

2. Meet criteria for Advanced EFFT Therapist for at least one year

3. Assist in a volunteer capacity at a minimum of 4 days of training with a certified trainer with focus on training to become a trainer (and within 1 year of submitting the Statement of Declaration) 

3. Pre-training supervision to review a. videos of mock presentation; b. slides to present; and c. presentation and debrief of experientials prior to delivery (# of hours at the discretion of the trainer)

4. Co-facilitate a minimum of 2 trainings with a certified trainer, one of which is at least 3 days, and no less than 2 days (per diem may be available depending on the circumstances) 


5. Post-training supervision (# of hours at the discretion of the trainer)


6. Record a training video for IIEFFT general membership on an EFFT-related topic (hosted by an IIEFFT Board member) 

Part 3 

6. Submit Trainer checklist to IIEFFT and coordinate final phase of supervision 

7. Receive at least 6-10 hours of post-training supervision with a Board member 

      · 4-6 hours of video supervision on the delivery of at least two different modules of EFFT via recordings 

      · 2-4 hours of experiential supervision (relating to challenging questions and scenarios) 

8. Meet additional criteria for ongoing certification (to be developed) 

      *between co-facilitation and video review, training supervisor will have observed the delivery of all EFFT modules 

      *supervision and other training-related costs are at the trainee’s expense 

**To offer an advanced training, you must have attended an advanced training and received supervision and training in doing so 

**Training process should involve exposure to at least two EFFT trainers throughout the process of supervision, assistance, and co-facilitation to ensure breadth of exposure

***Candidates can work toward criteria for Supervisor and Trainer status concurrently if desired



Application Form for Trainer Certification (pdf)