Steps to Certification

1) Review the requirements for your identified pathway (EFFT Clinician, EFFT Therapist, or Advanced EFFT Therapist)

2) Connect with a certified EFFT supervisor to complete supervision hours

3) Complete the required chair-work record forms and summaries

4) Ask your supervisor to complete the Supervision Check List and return to you, to be submitted with your application package

5) Fill out the Application Form and ensure you have completed all requirements 

6) E-mail the application package and declaration form to 

7) Submit your payment below


In addition to formal recognition as a certified EFFT practitioner and inclusion in our referral Directory, you will be provided with EFFT resources and access to previously recorded EFFT training videos and webinars. Access to these resources, trainings and webinars will be available in the section of the website exclusive to certified practitioners. Using the link provided, you will find this page under the Certification Tab/Resources.

EFFT Peer Supervision Network

Interested in joining the EFFT peer-supervision directory? Practitioners interested in working together to meet certification criteria (e.g. clinician block chair-work) or for ongoing professional development are encouraged to email  with the following information:

a. Name

b. City, Province/State, Country

c. Time Zone (EST, PST)

Once populated, you will receive a copy of the directory to connect with interested others.




Certified EFFT clinicians/therapists/advanced therapists are required to meet recertification requirements to ensure ongoing fidelity and competence.  

Recertification for EFFT practitioners of all levels will involve the submission of an application form (below) as well as:

a. 5 completed clinician block logs + summary

b. 5 completed caregiver block logs + summary

c. a record of 5 hours of EFFT-related professional development activities

i. Such activities include: 

- viewing previously recorded EFFT training videos or webinars in members-only section  (no charge); 

- participation in live EFFT webinars through Mental Health Foundations (by donation); 

- participation in individual or group supervision with a certified EFFT supervisor or trainer (fee associated); 

- participation in a certified caregiver workshop or EFFT training (fee associated)

d. an administrative fee of $40 USD 

These recertification requirements and supporting documents are due every two years. Please note, there is no evaluation of the block logs/summaries or professional development activities. They are meant only to support your ongoing practice and self-reflection. 

Questions? Feel free to email for support.


By clicking below and submitting payment, you acknowledge email submission of the application form and supporting documents to the International Institute for Emotion-Focused Family Therapy. Please allow up to 30 days for confirmation of certification.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card