Certified EFFT Supervisor

Training guidelines and requirements

Part 1 

1. Submit statement of declaration to IIEFFT regarding intention to become a supervisor and receive guidance in moving forward. 

2. Training process should involve exposure to at least two EFFT supervisors throughout the process of assistance and supervision, one of whom is a Board member 

Part 2 

3. Certified Advanced EFFT Therapist for at least one year 

4. Observe a minimum of 3 EFFT supervision sessions with certified EFFT supervisor (video acceptable) 

5. Facilitate a minimum of 8 recorded supervision sessions within one year to be reviewed in supervision

6. Record 2 clinician block chair work interventions (as the facilitator) to be reviewed in supervision 

7. Minimum of 8 hours of video supervision of supervision delivery with a peer or supervisee and at least 2 hours of experiential supervision of tricky questions and scenarios with a Board member (for a minimum of 10 hours total) 

      *in the course of video review, training supervisor will have observed content from each of the EFFT modules 

8. Assisting in a volunteer capacity at a minimum of 2 trainings (one of which is at least 3 days) with a certified trainer 

(with focus on training to become a supervisor) 

9. Meet additional criteria for ongoing certification (to be developed)

*Candidates can work toward criteria for Supervisor and Trainer status concurrently if desired



Application Form for Supervisor Certification (pdf)